Elizabeth Wynne {Happy 2nd Birthday!}

Happy Birthday, Bets!

As I write this, you are toddling around the house, squealing, "Happy Day! Happy Day!" as you try to make every moment a (very loud) party.

Bets, your daddy and I have had many "happy days" since you entered our life. Your zest for everything is contagious, and you've brought so many moments of laughter into our lives. These past twelve months have held some big battles for you, but your tenacious will helped you conquer many physical and emotional mountains. 

We are delighted in our second child. You are the spice to our life. Bets, you feel more, talk more, laugh more, cry more, emote more, and cuddle more than any child we've ever known. We prayed that you would be winsome and creative in beautiful ways. You've done it, "Chicken Little." We are so blessed to be your parents.

Character {at age 2}

Betsy-Boo-Boo, or "Boo" as she is known by her brother, is a firecracker-laden ice cream Sunday. Sweetness and explosions all rolled into one. Bets is very affectionate and loves cuddling and helping. She already has a flourishing mothering instinct, and will cuddle just about any object telling it, "Aww! Needs a diaper! It's okay!"

Bets battled a very intense propensity to whine. Incessantly. All day. Every day. About everything. But God is good! And through lots of prayer, and training, and teaching, Bets has had victory in this area of her life. We are so proud of her daily decisions to "choose joy" and the self-control she has learned at such a young age. Normally, something like this would be kept for the private family archive, but for our little chickie, this was such a huge, amazing, life-changing victory, we just want to shout it from the rooftops! We love seeing God's grace in our little one.

That same tenacity she used to conquer whining, she applies to everything else. Bets is very loud. And very opinionated. And very enthusiastic. There is no middle-ground with this child. She also has an amazing attention to detail and is excellent at tidying up, cleaning with Mommy, and any type of art project. 

Milestones {at age 3}

Bets is amazingly verbal. She already converses in complete sentences and has a very obvious love of new vocabulary. Our baby girl is very good at fine motor skills, and her gross motor skills have finally caught up. She started walking at 21 months (which was such a late start that everyone but Mommy and Daddy worried).  She has since attempted to conquer bike riding, jumping, and dancing. Her current favorite is spinning around in circles until she falls down. Bets is 100% potty trained. And by that I mean, she sleeps through the night without accident, and always tells Mommy when she needs to go potty. She's our potty prodigy. (Sorry, teenage Bets, it's true.)

She knows almost all her colors, and can count 1-4. Her reading skills are hilarious (she will walk around the house with a book and "read" out loud in a very dramatic way). She loves story time and anything that involves paint and markers. Her pretend play is actually advanced for her age. (Mommy is proud.) She'll put on costumes, she pretends to have a whole crew of puppies or bunnies that she takes care of, and she regularly joins brother in his dinosaur/monster imaginations. Earlier this month, they spent a whole day being kittens named "Prince" and "Princess."

Favorites {at age 3}

Bets eats anything and everything. Her favorites include cheese sticks, "bunnies in a hole" (eggs sunny-side up in a piece of bread), anything sweet (cookies, popsicles, and cake!), and grapes. Her favorite color is "pink" but she may slip up and call it "green." She loves playing "baby," watching "The Aristocats" and "Cinderella" (aka, "Rella"). She loves to wear bows and dresses every day. 

Elizabeth Wynne, you never fail to be a continuation of your name: you are God's abundance in our lives. We pray that the tenacious spirit and eagerness to share (opinions, toys, and emotions!) would be a blessing that will reach many. We pray daily that your soul would run closer and closer to Jesus, and that you would find, as your psalm tells you, that in HIS presence is fullness of joy.

We love you, "Chicken Little."